This course is aimed at industrial operatives who are required to wear breathing apparatus in environments where hazards such as chemicals, gases, viral or particulate risks exist. Breathing apparatus is safety critical equipment and it is essential that wearers are adequately trained to operate safely and effectively. FSI instructors have vast experience in the use of breathing apparatus in both the Fire Service and private sector.


This course is designed to meet the requirements for working safely using self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and comply with current safety legislation.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the breathing apparatus training course delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a minimum safe level in the wearing and use of
  • Effectively wear breathing apparatus in various exercise scenarios
  • Define the safety critical areas of breathing apparatus
  • Demonstrate the ability to function as an Entry Control Officer

Course Content

  • Breathing Apparatus legislation
  • Physiology of Respiration
  • Breathing Apparatus set description
  • Breathing Apparatus Pre-operational checks and tests
  • Breathing Apparatus cylinders and durations
  • Record keeping
  • Client specific Breathing Apparatus policies and procedures
  • Breathing Apparatus entry control procedures
  • Practical Breathing Apparatus exercises
  • Cleaning, documentation and storage

Delivery Method

A combination of classroom-based activity, Presentation/demonstrations, practical application and question and answer paper.

Assessment and Certification

Continual practical assessment process with final written question paper leading to certification on successfully completing the course. The certification lasts for 2 years upon which a refresher course will be required.

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