Composite Technical Systems Partner

As specialists in all things related to respiratory protection, when it comes to breathing air cylinders, we can both supply and maintain this equipment for you. In 2014, we teamed up with Composite Technical Systems, a specialist manufacturer and expert in composite technologies, to supply their composite breathing air cylinders. With these cylinders, there are many benefits; they are ultra light weight and have an unlimited life. These cylinders can also be supplied in a range of sizes to suit your needs, which includes 2 ltr; 6 ltr, 6.8 ltr and the new very popular 7.2 ltr which has the same external dimensions as a standard 6.8 ltr!

CTS Spa is an established manufacturer with decades of experience, so when you purchase one of these breathing air cylinders you will also benefit from the peace of mind that comes from investing in quality and the latest technology for the safety of your employees.

Our Maintenance Service

As part of our breathing air cylinder service, we also offer a comprehensive maintenance package which includes cylinder pressure testing, cylinder valve servicing and cylinder refilling service that is carried out by our experienced staff. It is a statutory requirement that cylinders are tested regularly and their valves serviced, usually every five years (but check local regulations). We will not only perform the required statutory testing but will also provide the necessary certificates to prove that you have taken steps to get them tested by professionals. In addition to this, you can benefit from our refilling service provided by Fire Safe International, where we can carry out refilling of cylinders at our workshop, located centrally in the UK, just outside Shrewsbury in Shropshire.

Find Out More

To find out more about our breathing air cylinders or about the maintenance or refilling of your cylinders, simply contact us and speak to one of our industry experts for further advice and assistance.

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