Man undergoing qualitative face fit test training


This workshop is aimed anyone who wants to implement their own in-house face fit testing program. The workshop will give the delegate/s the knowledge and practical training to carry out qualitative face fit testing. The training is carried out by our highly experienced Fit2Fit accredited Instructors so you can be assured of a high-quality training package that meets the standards and protocols of guidance document HSE INDG 479. The workshop is either carried out at your venue or can be carried out at our training centre in Shrewsbury. Each delegate who successfully completes the course will receive a “Fit Tester Toolbox” which will assist their future testing.

Please Note: This course does not include the assessment required to obtain Fit2Fit accredited status. Fit2Fit accreditation can only be obtained by written and practical examinations facilitated by the British Safety Industries Federation (BSIF) Fit2Fit scheme.

Qualitative fit testing is suitable for tight fitting reusable and disposable half masks. For full face masks a quantitative test is required.


This course is designed to give delegates the face fit testing skills and knowledge required to meet the standards and protocols as described in HSE INDG 479 for fit test operators.

To train persons in the correct use of the “Qualitative” fit test equipment and methods of operation to enable them to accurately perform a fit test on a person wearing a half mask type tight fitting face piece.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the Fit Test Operator training course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand and have a working knowledge of the HSE INDG 479 guidance
  • Understand the procedures for the selection of adequate and suitable RPE
  • Understand the difference between Fit Factors and Protection Factors
  • Demonstrate the pre-use checks, donning procedures and pre use Fit Check for RPE
  • Assemble the Qualitative fit test kit correctly and carry out pre testing inspections and tests.
  • Understand and demonstrate the practical qualitative face fit test in accordance with INDG 479 protocols
  • Complete the necessary records and brief the subject appropriately both before and on completion of the test.

Course Content

  • Regulations and Guidance
  • The Purpose and Applicability of Fit Testing
  • Procedures for Selection of Adequate and Suitable RPE
  • Fit Factors and Protection Factors
  • Examination Procedures for RPE, Identification of Maintenance Problems
  • Correct Donning Procedures and Pre-Use Fit Checks
  • Qualitative Face-Fit Testing
  • Correct Fit Testing Procedures, Purpose of the Fit Testing Exercises
  • Problem Solving
  • Fit Test Failures and Re-Tests
  • Capabilities and Limitations of the Fit Testing Equipment

Delivery Method

The training will be led by a suitably qualified and experienced instructor accredited to the Fit2Fit Test scheme. The training will take place in a classroom environment using a selection of face mask types and the qualitative fit test equipment. It will comprise both theoretical and practical work.

Assessment and Certification

Continual practical assessment process leading to certification on successfully completing the course.


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