AccuFIT Quantitative Fit Testing Device

Getting workers fit tested quickly and back on the job is mission-critical and now’s no time for chance and uncertainty. Today’s tough environment means accurate Quantitative Fit Testing makes the difference between safe and at-risk exposures.

Rugged, quick to deploy and fully featured,  AccuFIT provides the answers you need in a format you can use and comes with a 3-year warranty. Conforms to HSE INDG479 fittest protocols–includes all accessories, robust travel case plus training support.

Flexible Testing Fully adaptable for elastomeric and disposable respirators, the AccuFIT9000™ features proven CNC fit testing technology and conforms to OSHA testing standards.

The following types of respirators can be tested with the AccuFIT9000™: Disposable N, R, or P Series (FFP3), half-masks Full-facepieces CBRN/Gas masks Powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs) Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs).

One Operating Mode for All Respirators The AccuFIT9000™ Quantitative Respirator Fit Tester uses just one testing mode for both filtering facepieces and elastomeric respirators. Since there’s no need to switch between modes for different respirators, you’ll save time and increase efficiency.

Enhanced CPC The Condensation Particulate Counter (CPC) used in the AccuFIT9000™ has been optimized to enhance counting efficiency. This means less chance of running out of particles and receiving an error message warning you that the ambient particle count is too low.

Flexible Set-up The AccuFIT9000™ Quantitative Respirator Fit Tester offers two set-up options for more convenient testing, regardless of location, all displayed on a 7” colour touchscreen.

Standalone When operated in standalone, the AccuFIT9000TM requires no PC connectivity. All test results are conveniently stored on the unit’s memory stick that can be transferred to a computer when you’re ready – and it also means less equipment to transport and carry when conducting fit tests at multiple locations! PC Mode When connected to a PC (via LAN, Wi-Fi, or USB), the AccuFIT9000™ will automatically download and store all test results to your computer. There’s even an extra USB port for direct connection to your printer or keyboard!

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