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Another area of Fire Safe International expertise is in relation to face fit testing, or more accurately “Face Mask Fit Testing”. We specialise in respiratory protection and have been supplying face fit testing services in support of this since 1998! We can provide face fit testing as a stand alone service, or as part of a Respirator or Breathing Apparatus training package, which ever best suits your needs. We also provide mask fit tester training in all types of fit testing methods, so if you wish we can teach you how to carry out Qualitative Fit Testing or Quantitative Fit Testing yourself; we can also supply any fit testing equipment you may need.

Our fit testing training courses will soon be accredited to the Fit2fit Training accreditation standard. Our experience and expertise in this area means that you can benefit from the peace of mind that you or your workforce are getting the most from your investment in respiratory protection equipment and are being properly protected. When it comes to respiratory hazards in the workplace, it is essential to ensure that your employees are adequately protected to avoid serious health problems or even fatalities. With face fit testing you can ensure that this valuable protection is suited to each individual.

The purpose of face fit testing

With face fit testing, the aim is to ensure that a respirator mask properly fits the face of the wearer: If it does not it, it may not be providing the designed level of protection and this may mean that you are not complying with the law. It is important to ensure that where necessary, adequate respiratory protection is provided for each and every person in the workplace. Unfortunately, studies have shown that as many as 10-12000

people die each year in the UK alone due to lack of proper respiratory protection in the workplace and many others suffer long term respiratory illness.
With face fit testing we can help to ensure that your workforce is properly protected. All our fit test technicians and trainers are accredited by the Fit2fit accreditation scheme, which means that you can benefit from the reassurance that you have experts on hand to help when it comes to face fit testing and training. We also ensure compliance with INDG479.

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