What Is Fit2Fit And Why Is It Important?

A man wearing a half-mask which has been fit2fit tested to ensure his protection.

The Fit2Fit scheme is a competency scheme for face fit testers, with the aim of providing a uniform standard of excellence in the area of mask fit testing. Endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and developed by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), the scheme provides an element of reassurance of quality and competence to health and safety management professionals seeking fit testers in the United Kingdom.

Let’s take a closer look at what Fit2Fit is and how it can help you.

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What Is Fit2Fit?

Fit2Fit was created by the BSIF in 2009, following the inclusion of fit testing as a requirement within the Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) in 2002. The Fit2Fit scheme is constantly reviewed by its technical committee, which is made up of RPE and Fit testing experts. This offers a comprehensive assessment process that covers all aspects of face fit testing including practical demonstration and theory exams.

Upon successful completion of all these components, candidates will have demonstrated the required standard of competence in face fit testing in their chosen method.

Why Is Fit2Fit Important?

The main purpose of the Fit2Fit scheme is to provide a source of competent individuals so that health and safety professionals seeking an individual to provide them with a face fit testing service can be confident that the person they have selected is competent to do so.– and to help improve the general standards of RPE use in the workplace.

By offering a system to test individuals’ competency in this area, employers can be sure that they are employing qualified personnel who are capable of carrying out their duties professionally and safely. Additionally, investing in Fit2Fit training for current employees provides assurance to businesses that their RPE users, workers, and trainers have been adequately trained to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards – including the current HSE guidance for RPE.

The certification helps established fit testing professionals to stay up to date with changing regulations within the health and safety industry as well as any new research or developments related to face fit testing. Through continued professional development (CPD) accessed via the Fit2Fit scheme, individuals can stay informed about changes in legislation and best practices, as well as remain knowledgeable about safety procedures and testing methodologies when conducting tests.

The Importance Of Fit2Fit Cannot Be Overstated.

To some, testing the fit of a respirator may appear to be a very simple process, however, not all methods of testing are “fool proof”. All rely on the competency of the fit test technician to ensure the test is valid; after all, a “false pass” result will likely endanger the life or health of the worker.

Without up-to-date, standardised training, face fit testers would not have any nationally recognised standards or guidelines to follow when assessing the safety of RPEs used in their workplace. This could lead to incorrect assessments or poor-fitting RPEs that put workers at risk of exposure to hazardous substances. By ensuring that all face fit testers have gone through this rigorous process of assessment, health and safety directors can rest assured that their RPEs are being tested correctly every time.

Fit2Fit Training And Support From Fire Safe International

At Fire Safe International Ltd, we have an experienced team of fit test technicians and trainers that have demonstrated competence in the Fit2fit scheme. Not only that but we were instrumental in the creation of the scheme at its very beginning and remain actively involved at both technical oversight and assessment levels - enabling us to provide expertise, reassurance, and personalised advice to help you improve compliance and safety within your organisation. We can train you in preparation for the Fit2Fit examination process or provide you with competent technicians to support your internal fit testing process – and can also advise on the best fit testing equipment and method (e.g., qualitative, or quantitative) to help you meet your health and safety objectives. Is your respiratory protection programme robust?

To learn more about Fit2Fit find a tester click here, or to find out more about our services and how we can help, please feel free to contact us.


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