The AccuFIT 9000 vs Portacount® - Which One Is The Best For You?

A firefighter in RPE, that would have to be quantitatively tested through face fit testing by the AccuFIT or PortaCount

Face fit testing is an essential part of any health and safety strategy for organisations that use RPE (respiratory protective equipment) in their working environment.

Correctly fitted RPE is essential to ensure that all personnel are protected against hazardous airborne particles and gases.

Quantitative face fit testing devices such as Portacount® and AccuFIT 9000 Pro can provide you with reliable real-time results, to ensure that each worker has RPE that accurately fits their facial contours and so can provide designed protection levels.

In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of both market-leading devices so that you can make informed decisions about which one will be best to help you ensure your workforce is properly protected.

Our Face Fit Testing

Why Do You Need Quantitative Face Fit Testing Equipment?

As quantitative face fit testing devices, both the Portacount® and AccuFIT deliver the same general functions, and both use the same CPC quantitative testing protocols:

  • Improves the accuracy and efficiency of fit testing, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity.
  • Provides an easy and objectively verifiable way to measure and monitor respirator efficacy.
  • Helps you to reduce the potential sources of exposure (e.g., leakage, faulty RPE, incorrect fit, user error etc) and take steps to reduce exposure and improve safety.
  • Helps reduce the risk of workers developing health problems from exposure to airborne hazards.
  • Enables you to improve workforce awareness of health and safety practices compliant with the implementation of Portacount®

Portacount® is a face fit testing device designed to ensure accuracy and reliability in your respiratory protective equipment. The device was developed in the 1980s and has been used for millions of fit tests worldwide by a wide cross-section of businesses and emergency service providers. The unit has enhanced user interface features including calibration reminders, customisable databases, and real-time data management capabilities. Furthermore, the Portacount® meets the latest HSE standards for face fit testing.

Reasons To Choose Portacount®

  • Portacount® is the established market leader in fit testing equipment, with a knowledgeable international support team and a proven reputation for reliability and accuracy.
  • Compatible with all types of RPE, including respirators, gas masks, SCBAs, and disposable facepieces.
  • Optional built-in N95 companion technology.
  • Interchangeable N95 and N99 modes of operation.
  • Capable of automated fit testing when equipped with FitPro+ Fit Test Software (the application must be installed on a connected PC or tablet).
  • Compatible with the new CNC protocols.
  • Can only be operated through a wired or wireless connection with an external tablet or personal computer.


AccuFIT 9000 Pro

AccuFIT 9000 Pro is a popular choice among industrial health and safety professionals due to its robust design, accessible price point, and ease of use. It meets the same HSE requirements as Portacount®. The AccuFIT has an array of user-friendly features including large display screens for data review and customisable settings which can be tailored to specific applications.

Reasons To Choose AccuFIT

  • AccuFIT has a more advanced saturation chamber that lengthens the residence time and improves flow saturation – improving the accuracy of test results.
  • AccuFIT can detect smaller particles than Portacount® - 015 µm, as opposed to 0.02 µm.
  • AccuFIT can measure fit factors (FFs) > 10,000.
  • Faster setup – AccuFIT can be used straight out of the box, with the setup time as short as two minutes per device.
  • AccuFIT devices can be purchased with an external battery pack to make them fully portable.
  • Built-in colour touchscreen for instantly visible results.
  • If used with a connected PC or tablet, the two visual displays (one on the AccuFIT device and one on the PC or tablet) allow the fit test technician and mask wearer can work together in real-time providing a more comfortable and supported environment for the fit test process to take place.
  • AccuFIT is more affordable than Portacount®. When bought from Fire Safe International, each unit comes with full user training and after-sales care to increase the value of your investment.

The Right Strategic Decision For Your Business

In conclusion, it comes down to personal preference when choosing between Portacount® or AccuFIT 9000 Pro face fit testing devices. Both are reliable and accurate machines that meet the necessary standards for RPE health and safety in the UK.

The primary differences are in the user interface and data management although thanks to the inbuilt screen of AccuFIT, their setup time varies slightly too. Portacount® software is well established and looks very pretty with some nice inbuilt graphics whereas AccuFIT software is more data-driven and some say slightly easier to use.

Ultimately your decision should be based on user-friendly features, cost-effectiveness, and overall convenience of use, and we recommend thoroughly researching both devices and, if possible, performance-testing them both in the context of your business and assessing the results.

We are happy to talk you through your options and help you reach the best strategic investment choice for your business.

Face Fit Testing Equipment From Fire Safe International

AccuFIT 9000 Pro devices can be purchased from us directly at Fire Safe International. We are a manufacturer-approved supply and support partner for AccuFIT, and offer a full range of training, implementation, and after-sales services for their devices, in addition to supply.

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Image source: Unsplash